Propane Pre-Heating Of Steel

There are generally 3 methods of flame heating available on the market that allow us to bring the temperature of steel up to an acceptable level prior to welding. The degree of preheat generally depends on:

  • the total chemistry such as percentage of carbon or carbon equivalent
  • material thickness
  • joint restraint

When the need for preheating has been established, the next decision is to choose the best and most economical method.

The three most common methods of heating are:

  • oxy/acetylene
  • oxy/propane
  • straight propane

The first two methods, though effective are the more expensive and not always the best, as they require an operator to hold and apply the heat.

Preheating of steel should be conducted in such a way that hot spots or localized heating should be avoided. A more general heating method, such as straight propane should be the first choice to prevent damage to the steel or casting.

Smithweld designed (patent pending) pre-heat burners, offer a low cost method for preheating by using the FREE oxygen in the atmosphere. The burners have specially designed clamps to allow mounting in various applications without the need to hold the torch.

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